Tips to relax during air travel

In most cases, the fear of flying has nothing to do with the risk factors associated with the flight. There are several fears that we face as we fly the fear of height, loss of control, deliberate attacks, plane accident, and unknown sights and sounds. Now the question is that what the symptoms of this phobia are. Now the question is that what the symptoms of this phobia are. Well, individuals will respond differently to fear of flying.

Here are ten excellent tips to relax during air travel:

1. Water is a must.

Drink a lot of water before and during your flight. Anxiety and stress can and usually are amplified by the body’s dehydration.

2. Avoid the two causes of dehydration

Both sugar and caffeine are terrible in that they cause your body to become dehydrated very rapidly. These two also have the effect of putting additional stress on your body, which can bring on a full-blown panic attack.

3. Look into natural remedies for fear of flying

Herbs such as Gotu Kola, Valerian, and Kava can help relax your body and reduce stress and flying anxiety on your trip.

4. Visualize the positive outcome

Use the power of your mind to visualize your flight as going much better than planned. Imagine everything as going smoothly and without a glitch. Feel the emotions of joy and confidence as you practice the visualization exercises.

5. Think better thoughts

Imagine if all you think about are thoughts of doom and gloom about flying. Having these thoughts is a big reason people have panic attacks and general flying fear. Stop stressing yourself out. Instead, tell yourself that everything is going to be fine and that your safety is taken care of.

6. Trust

Learn to put your trust in the pilots and the aircraft. Educate yourself about the rigorous standards they have for airline pilots. Everything is done to ensure your safety. Your fear of flying will be reduced when you see how much effort goes into making sure you are safe.

7. Use Muscle Relaxation exercises

Practice tensing a group of muscles and holding for 20 seconds, then releasing and waiting for 20 seconds. Go through any tense areas in your body. This will help alleviate tension and stress in your body.

8. Stop watching the movies

Don’t fill your head with horror stories. Don’t watch movies that portray airline catastrophes. These will only make your anxiety level higher, and you really are better off without them!

9. Think of the pilot

For those of us who are afraid of letting go of control, realize that it is in the pilot’s best intentions to keep the flight as safe as possible. They have a family they want to get back to, so they will do everything in their power to protect the flight. can get you the best pilots on earth.

10. Count

Focus on taking even breaths and counting each inhalation and exhalation. Count up until 100 and try to remain completely focused during the whole count. If your mind wanders as it might, restart back at 1. Give your mind something to focus on instead of your fear of flying.

With the above tips, you should be able to overcome flight anxiety and enjoy your next trip peacefully.

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