Tennis ball machines are quite different that other throw ball machines. They have a different design to add spin, variety, convenience to practice. These tennis ball machines are extremely helpful in learning against an opponent.


Types of Throwing Methods

There are two types of ball throwing method one is air compression and other is rotation. Air compression is a pneumatic tube which blocks the air the all the build up pressures forces the ball out. Rotation is a type of machine where the balls are squeezed between two balls to make them shoot forward.

Ball Spin

The two types of tennis ball machines spin out a ball with different realism and added variety. With pneumatic tubes, the machines use an adapter inside the tube which can brush the ball forwards which creates a backward spin. When it comes to rotating spin the wheels are set on top of the other which can create a slice or a topspin.


Ball Wear and Tear

These tennis ball machines are expensive and you want it to last a long time, and keeping it in the right shape can help you stay up to date. The balls are generally prone to wear and tear as they are constantly compressed against a hard rubber wheel and cause the machine as well as the ball to wear and tear easily.

Programmable Tennis Ball Machines

Some tennis ball machines which are expensive can easily be customised to have a varying ball placement, spin, depth, speed and trajectory. These machines are build to hang on the side which can project the ball to the programme it is designed. There are also many wireless remotes operators which allows the player to easily turn the machine on or off from the opposite of the net. This help gives the player the control of all the functions in one place as you can customize the speed as per your game development.



As these tennis ball machines are expensive, one main thing you need to keep an eye for is the warranty. If there is some problem with your machine learn that the problem cannot be fixed locally and all you can do is to replace the whole machine for a new one. Some warranties also give extra replacement parts where you can ask your local mechanic to fix or just ask the manufacturers to do the same. One way you can buy a reliable tennis ball machine is online where you access to all the reviews. This is one place where you can buy reliable decisions. Check the about product part and learn about there policies for motor covers as well as other covers.