A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Pickleball

Getting into pickleball for the very first time as a starter can be overwhelming and even discouraging. At this starting point, you may be lead to feel like you are exhausting yourself too much or even that you are uncontrollably spending money on your training. However, it doesn’t always have to end like this. Pickleball is one game that has been designed in such a way that it is not that expensive and is simple to learn.

Many people believe that it takes a long time to improve their pickleball gaming skills. However, often times it just takes a simple paddle grip change, cutting down your weight a little bit so you can move quicker, and improving your field coordination in order to see improvement. Basically, it takes mastering the basic skills and movements to boost your game immediately.

Pickleball basics – What you need to know and do 

Pickleball has borrowed heavily from table tennis, badminton, and tennis. The courts are divided into zones just like we have in the aforementioned games and the only requirements are solid paddles that look like larger tennis paddles and a perforated plastic balls that resembles a whiffle ball.
Pickleball courts measure 44 feet by 20 and are divided into two by a 34-inch wide net that is placed 36 inches high.

The courts are striped similar to tennis courts with serving courts on the left and hand sides. They also have what is a zone called the kitchen – usually a non-volley play area that measures 7 foot in front of the net on both sides of the court. Usually, you can have fields constructed particularly for pickleball or you can just convert existing badminton and tennis balls to fit pickleball.

Find someone you know to start you off 

If you have not played any of the racket games before, finding someone you know to start you off is a great idea. It is highly likely that this individual will do whatever they deem best to give you a healthy start to the sport. From them you will get to learn the basics and your beginner worries will be gone. Pickleball is not difficult to learn, but it is easier when you have a friend or family member to start you off.

Mind your feet and arms – Just get the right equipment 

Just like in any other sport you need the right equipment and gear to play properly. The paddles form the primary tool that you will own during your pickleball journey. Pickleball paddles are made from wood, plastic or even aluminum materials, so you’ll have to try each one in order to find the one that fits you. You can find some reviews of some of the best paddles at certain locations.  You will also need the right shoes and protective gear to protect your knees and hands while playing.

Game rules and overview

It is not just your physical abilities and skills that contribute to your mastery of pickleball. It is also important to figure out the rules and techniques of taking out your opponent during a game.

*Pickleball is either played as a doubles or singles game with similar rules applying in both cases.
*Serving is usually made underhand and is made diagonally across the to the other side of your opponent playing space.
*You are allowed to serve only once with an exception when letting the ball touch the net and the ball ends on the right service court.

While many people may not have an idea what pickleball is, this 50 year old sport has taken many active adult communities by storm. In fact, it is the fastest growing sport. It is a phenomenon compared to other sports predominantly played by seniors.